New Patients

Practice Area

Before registering with the practice, please ensure you live within our service boundary by entering your postcode below.

The surgery’s boundary map has changed to that agreed in 2016 (known as the GMS contract) including a new practice area mapping tool.

When reviewing catchment area (1) click on “click to return to full zoom” (to show the surgery boundary), (2) use the magnifying glass to enter your postcode (the map will zoom-in to that location), (3) click on “click to return to full zoom” box to show the location (postcode) relative to the surgery boundary.

Catchment Area

Registering with the Practice

Before Registering with the Practice

Ensure you are within the Surgery’s Catchment Area. We do not accept patients from outside our Catchment Area.

Identity Documents

As part of the registration process it will be necessary to present in person the following identity verification documents. Please be aware we require both photographic and proof-of-address identification documentation to complete your registration. Your identity documentation MUST be presented within 4 weeks of your registration request submission. Examples of acceptable documentation are:

  1. Photographic (e.g. Passport, Driving License, Proof-of-Age, Bus Pass, etc.)
  2. Address (e.g. Utility Bill, Tenancy Agreement, etc.)
  3. If the name detailed on the photographic identity document differs we will require an original copy of your Marriage, Adoption (Other) certificate.


We offer two routes to register with the Practice (download and complete the following documents / forms according to your chosen registration route):

  1. Electronic Registration (preference)
  2. Paper Registration – these forms are available from Reception

Next Steps

Once you have completed your registration and any supporting information you will need to present in person your identity documents (plus any supporting medication evidence) to the surgery Administration team complete your registration – see Identity Documents. (This step can be performed at the same time if you are registering using paper copies (i.e. Paper Registration)).

It is a good opportunity to book your ‘new patient appointment’ when you present your documentation. Please be aware that if you have repeat medication we will only be able to issue 1-month (28-days) prior to your ‘new patient appointment’.

New patient registration can take up to 4-working weeks you will receive confirmation by text message (hence, why it is important to include a mobile telephone number within your registration).

Medical treatment is available from the date of registration. Please contact Reception for further information.

Guide to GP Services

The Royal College of General Practitioners has produced a useful guide for patients about the services on offer at GP Surgeries and how to access them. You can download the guide below.