Repeat Prescriptions

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Important information regarding your repeat prescriptions.

Changes to Ordering and obtaining your repeat medication:

Repeat Prescriptions: These are medication that your doctor wants you to have access to on a regular basis- usually every 28 days- These medications will need to be reviewed at least annually sometimes more often.

Repeat Dispensing:  If you are on very stable medication the doctor may sign a prescription in advance- this  allows you to collect monthly for up to a year without needing to reorder.

Medicines Wastage:  Many items prepared by our dispensers are never collected. We are often returned carrier bags full of medication that have not been used. This represents wasted staff time and is a significant expense to the NHS. NHS Buckinghamshire  requests that we ask patients to reorder medication themselves to reduced wastage.

WHAT IS CHANGING WITH ORDERING PRESCRIPTIONS?  We ask that patients reorder their medication themselves rather than relying on others to do so.

This is to ensure we prepare only medications that you need and that are on your up to date repeat list. We ask that you use the NHS App NHS App – NHS ( where this is possible. These requests go directly to your doctor’s mailbox. We will also accept requests sent to

Patients who are unable to order electronically: 

Phone – We reserve the use of phone requests to housebound or vulnerable patients for who there is no other option. Written requests are much safer than verbal requests. 

Paper requests – We will continue to accept paper requests at both sites.

WHEN SHOULD I REQUEST A REPEAT MEDICATION?  We ask for 5 working days notice- so re order as soon as you start the last week of your medication. Alternatively make a note in your diary to reorder every 28 days (or every 3 months for items such as the oral contraceptive pill)